Parent Organization

The Parent Organization is a community of parents who support the school with fundraising and volunteer efforts. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Library. All parents and/or legal guardians of students are invited to come and share ideas, experiences, and talents to help improve different aspects of the school environment. For questions, please contact Erika Perez.

There is mutual cooperation and accountability among the School Board, the Parent Organization, and the administration. The Parent Organization of St. Ambrose Catholic School is a community of caring adults who reach out, learn, communicate, and grow together in mutual respect and Christian concern. The Parent Organization will be a means:

  • To provide contact and community among the administrator, faculty, staff, parents, and parish.
  • To develop skills and promote communication and understanding among the administrator, faculty, staff, parents, and parish
  • To help the school community to learn more about education at the local, Archdiocesan, state, and national levels.
  • To offer their services, talents, time, and financial assistance to the school community to aid the educational process by volunteering when and where needed in the school.
  • Parent Organization supports the school with important events such as our annual school Gala, school festivals, Steps For Students campaign, Catholic Schools Week activities, grounds cleanup, and give-back programs.


All parents/guardians of students at St. Ambrose School are automatically members. The Principal is a member of the Parent Organization Executive Committee. The Principal serves as a liaison between the Staff and the Parent Organization and also as a consultant in the Executive Committee’s work of program planning. Governing By-laws are available upon request to Parent Organization.