Why Give?

St. Ambrose Catholic School has been providing a challenging Catholic education to thousands of young men and women of varied backgrounds since it was founded in 1960. Students graduating from St. Ambrose Catholic School make a mark on their world through leadership, achievement, and service – skills learned as part of the St. Ambrose experience.

St. Ambrose Catholic School’s ability to prepare young men and women who are critical thinkers, who understand the importance of human dignity and empathy, who respect themselves and others, and who live their faith through action, depends on the support of many – teachers, alumni, friends, and family – giving their time, talents and resources.

Gifts to St. Ambrose Catholic School, whether current or deferred, large or small, help to ensure that the tradition of a St. Ambrose education can remain strong and that qualified students are able to pursue a Catholic school education here regardless of their ethnic, religious or socio-economic backgrounds. As you contemplate your personal support of St. Ambrose Catholic School, please know that every gift is important and every gift makes a difference in the lives of the young learners in our care.