Outside the Classroom

To foster academic excellence outside the classroom, St. Ambrose participates in the DUKE Talent Search for grades fourth, fifth, and seventh, which is sponsored by the Duke University Talent Identification Program and is aimed at students who possess high academic ability.

Students in grades second through eighth also participate in the John Hopkins Talent Search which identifies, assesses, and recognizes students with exceptional mathematical and/or verbal reasoning abilities. Students must score in the top 95th percentile on a nationally-normed standardized test in order to participate in these talent searches.

Students in grades third through sixth are also nominated for the DeBusk Enrichment Center for Academically Talented Scholars (DECATS) program.  This is open to students who qualify as a distinguished nominee, and score in the upper 95th percentile on a nationally recognized exam.  The DECATS program offers a unique opportunity to participate in an intensive three-week summer session of challenging and enriching course work.

St. Ambrose sends student representatives from grades third through eighth to the Archdiocesan Spelling Bee and Science Fair.  Junior High students are encouraged to compete in local and state Geography Bees.  They are also active in High School Speech Tournaments, such as those offered by St. Agnes Academy, St. Thomas High School, St. Pius X High School and various public schools.  St. Pius X High School National Honor Society’s middle school academic rally sponsors competitions in the areas of Speech, Foreign Language, Art, Academic Subject testing, and Trivia.

St. Ambrose students enjoy these competitions and have received numerous awards.