Middle School

Our Jr. High is completely departmentalized in order to prepare the children for high school. We have an extremely challenging and structured Jr. High program where students are respectful and work diligently to meet our high standard of academic excellence.

Jr. High students receive a core curriculum in Literature, English Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, and Religion. In addition to their core classes, middle school students participate in Art, Spanish, Computer, Guidance, Library, and Physical Education. Students are well prepared for their high school experience, with many advancing to honors classes.

Middle school students receive a Chromebook at the beginning of the year to access assignments and conduct needed research for a variety of subjects and projects. Students are monitored to ensure that only appropriate websites are being accessed.

The majority of the eighth-grade class continues their education in the Catholic school tradition. They primarily attend St. Agnes Academy, St. Pius X High School, St. Thomas High School, Incarnate Word Academy, Duchesne Academy, and Strake Jesuit.